VirileMail audio script

I previously described the creation of a script for the VirileMail science fiction novel. Wiki user ShakespeareFan00 was the instigator of this audio project and he showed up at Fiction Wikia to polish the script.

In order to create the audio version, I cut the novel down to about 25% of its original size. Initially I was saddened that I had to write Dr. Redes out of the script, but the more I think about the sequel for VirileMail the more I wonder if it might be for the best if it is Briana who is joined to Janek. However, I still cannot bring myself to edit the novel so as to make that change.

After the tragic loss of Dr. Redes, the second largest change between the novel and the audio script is the first scene in the fourth half-hour-long segment of the audio version. In the Novel, Joe spends a couple of months on Mars and then returns to Earth, finding that his belongings were placed into storage by his brother. In contrast, the story line in the script is greatly compressed temporally. Joe finds himself in need of a way to get the video tape with the critical evidence out of the Antler Network Services HQ building. For the audio version, Briana agrees to get the video tape for Joe.

When ShakespeareFan00 and I were polishing the script, I noticed the need for this plot change. The need to add in this new scene was good luck. I’ve also been concerned about the way Joe’s romantic interest in Chloe had almost been written out of the audio version. This new scene gave me a chance to emphasize Joe’s infatuation with Chloe. This is an important issue because it is Joe’s deep concern for Chloe’s welfare and safety that motivates him to figure out the odd behavior of the Antler Network Systems staff.

So, I am pleased with the way I patched that hole in the plot, but this experience leaves me wondering if there are other similar problems that were introduced by changing the novel into a much shorter script. I’m tempted to offer a reward for anyone who can spot such a problem.

Image. I made the image of the video tape for VirileMail. This image is available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.


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