In the early 1970s I started reading books such as Chariots of the Gods? and The Gods Themselves and my thinking was opened up to the possibility that our little world might not be as alone as it seems to be.

I think I was introduced to the Drake Equation by Carl Sagan and I still feel that I should trust his intuitions about extraterrestrial intelligence. There are probably other technologically advanced species in our galaxy, but they might not be very interested in us. Of course, it is more fun to imagine that those “others” do drop by and visit Earth once in a while…or maybe they are always here.

In 2009 I started playing around with twitter and discovered Mac Tonnies and his blog. If you are interested in the idea that there are “others” out there on other worlds then you will enjoy reading UFOs as Vanguards of a Post-Biological Intelligence
by Mac Tonnies.

Back in October of 2009 I wrote a little story called Moon Hammer which explores my favorite idea in speculative fiction: that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrial intelligences long ago. I felt the need for a break from writing and the internets and took a two week reading vacation in order to get ready to work seriously on The Start of Eternity. During that time when I was away from the eWorld, Mac Tonnies died and the twittersphere was a much less interesting place when I got back to it and Mac was gone. In stories like Moon Hammer and Cellular Civilization I like to imagine that a few special people “win a ticket” off of this rock and get to meet some “ancient watchers”. It would be great if Mac were out there learning all the secrets that he had searched for.

I find that I cannot think about the Exodemic Fictional Universe without hearing whispers from people like Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Mac Tonnies. I have a request for 2010: no more deaths. Thank you for your assistance.

Image. Canyons of the Ancients by rscottjones


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