Images from this Blog

All the images for the Wiki Fiction blog are in an album. Many of the images are public domain or copyleft, but some are fair use.

I had to go back and look to see why I included the image of a fossil in a blog post. It was in the context of how rapidly things change on the internet.

Some of the images above represent “dimensional structures” for the universe. I’ll return to this topic in my next blog post. I’m thinking about a new twist on faster-than-light space travel for the new fan fiction television series, Contact.

One of the images above is from a blog post about odd plot devices such as how Carl Sagan used the number pi in his science fiction novel. I’m still trying to decide on a fun way to provide scientific evidence in support of the idea that it could be possible to create a universe or change the fundamental physical properties of our universe. I want this to be part of the television series, Contact.

The picture of Carl Sagan (above) reminds me of I trick that I wrote into my fan fiction about Asimov’s fictional universe: I arranged to have Asimov become a character in the story. I wonder if it would be possible to write Sagan into the television series, Contact.

One of the images below is NOT in this blog.

All the images below are in my recent blog posts about the television series, Contact. It would be fun to have Olivia Wilde as a major character in the Contact television series. What are some other possibilities for casting?

On to Episode 4 of the Contact television series.

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