The Exode Trilogy

When I first began constructing the science fiction story Exode, I wanted to sketch in some details about Genesaunt society and the origins of Interventionists. My intention was to post the entire text of the story here on this blog, but I could not adapt to the user interface…it is too slow and larded up with things like this. Anyhow…

Exode was to be a “stand alone” novel, but I eventually realized that Exode is the final book in a trilogy. The Exode Trilogy begins with Trysta and Ekcolir. Trysta is an Asterothrope, a humanoid from 10,000,000 years in our future. Through the wonders of time travel, Trysta ends up on Earth in the 20th century where she becomes a real thorn in the side of the Huaoshy.

The Huaoshy are not “evil invaders” from outer space, but they are largely indifferent to human concerns. The Huaoshy long ago transformed themselves into artificial life forms that exist in the higher dimensional Sedronic Domain. Here in the three dimensional universe of conventional matter, the pek make sure that life on worlds like Earth does not grow out of control.


Old cover art for Trysta and Ekcolir (new)

Trysta is a temporal anomaly that the pek cannot deal with. The Ek’col are a human variant that must be crafted as a tool that will allow the Huaoshy to reach an accommodation with Trysta and put an end to the Time Travel War. The Ek’col were crafted and designed in order to make Ekcolir, an Ek’col male who wins the heart of Trysta.

The middle book of the Exode Trilogy is The Foundations of Eternity. It is the story of a Neanderthal named Gohrlay who has her brain pattern converted into the fundamental template for all positronic robots. R. Gohrlay learns to make use of time travel technology, but “she” is constrained by the Three Laws of Robotics.

I wrote Isaac Asimov into The Foundations of Eternity. Asimov plays an important role in ending the Foundation Reality. I imagine that in the Foundation Reality, Asimov was an investigative journalist who stumbles upon the fact that there have been alien visitors on Earth for the past seven million years.

Exode, the final book in the Exode Trilogy takes place within our Reality. The Time Travel War has ended and the Huaoshy have imposed a change on the dimensional structure of the universe that makes time travel impossible. The remaining question for Earth is if we humans are now truly free to explore the Stars and if we can manage not to misuse technology and destroy ourselves.



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