The banner for this blog has images from some collaborative fiction writing projects.

At the left hand end of the banner is the “egg ship” from the story VirileMail. The first human who sees this spaceship calls it a flying eggplant. It might seem small, but its passengers are nanoscopic artificial lifeforms.

Second from the left is the cover image from the story “Cellular Civilization“. Stefiz al-Arabid, a computer science student, is recruited to help with a secret technology development project.

The third image shows an artifact that was built by a Stage II civilization. In The Search For Kalid, the transport grid is used to allow teleportation of objects between star systems. The aliens who built the transport grid are never seen in the opening novel, but in the sequel, humans will finally achieve “first contact”. Collaborating authors for the sequel are welcome!

The Start of Eternity is a fan fiction sequel to Isaac Asimov’s time travel novel, The End of Eternity. The Start of Eternity also provides a conclusion to Asimov’s Foundation Series of novels. Asimov could not bring himself to write aliens into his Foundation saga, but we can do it!

Lorn-kru (image to the left) is one of the alien characters in The Start of Eternity. Even Isaac Asimov is a character in the story! The next image shows the assembly of another character in the story, the robot Gohrlay.

The next image shows cover art from the original Exodemic story. In Exodemic, the story follows one woman from England who survives infection with small pox because of a protective alien vaccine. Franny wins a ticket off our small blue dot and has adventures between the stars, learning about the aliens who have long watched over Earth.

The green bird-like creature is another alien from The Start of Eternity.

The image at the right hand end of the banner shows another robot character from The Start of Eternity.

Collaborating authors for all these stories are welcome!


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