Fermi Paradox

My solution to the Fermi Paradox is called “The Mythic Principle“:

We should select the solution to the Fermi Paradox that allows us to create the most enjoyable science fiction stories.

The opposite of The Mythic Principle would be to assume that we humans will never make contact with an alien species that evolved on another planet somewhere in the universe. However, that would be a boring foundation for the creation of science fiction stories.

In the Exodemic Fictional Universe the assumption is made that space aliens long ago visited Earth and those alien are responsible for having created the human species. I usually call those aliens the “Huaoshy“. The Huaoshy don’t find it productive to introduce themselves to primitives like we Earthlings. However, we humans have the ability to discover evidence that the Huaoshy exist. That is often where the fun begins in stories that are part of the Exodemic Fictional Universe.


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