First Contact

Stories in the Exodemic Fictional Universe include the idea that space aliens have been watching over Earth for millions of years. When might such aliens decide to reveal themselves to us? For the purposes of creating fun science fiction stories, my answer is often, “Now!”.

Little did I know that the correct answer is “2008”. Why 2008? To quote the “UNIVERSAL SPACE ALIEN PEOPLES ASSOCIATION“:

On November 4, 2008 the peoples of the United States of America elected a dark skinned person as its Commander in Chief and have so impressed us with the human ability to pass ‘the humanoid race test’ that we are now going to open a series of psychic gates which will allow access to higher realms of scientific, engineering and philosophical knowledge.”

Now, where is all that new scientific knowledge, Commander Omd?

For the Exodemic Fictional Universe I imagine that there is “new physics” as yet unknown to Earthlings, but long used by aliens to produce advanced technologies and make possible, what for us is impossible. In particular, there are “compact dimensions” and forms of matter that the Huaoshy make use of for faster-than-light communications and space travel.

The shaded triangle in the diagram (to the right) represents the three dimensional extended space of our every day experience. The other two triangles represent six “compact dimensions” that current Earthly science has not yet revealed. Our conventional 3D space has bosons such as photons that we can use for communications technologies such as fiber optic communications. Hierions are a new type of boson that can exist in the compact dimensions, but the Huaoshy have long ago learned how to use hierions for faster-than-light communications.

Similarly, sedronic matter exists within the compact dimensions and normally has only some gravitational interactions with matter in the extended dimensions. Sedrons are fermions, and the Huaoshy use sedronic matter to make possible faster-than-light travel through space (see this page for a discussion). Faster-than-light communications only became possible after the Huaoshy were able to alter the dimensional structure of the universe.

For the Huaoshy, the more general concept of “space” that includes the six compact dimensions can be translated into English as “p-space” (because of the theory of p-branes). Since faster-than-light travel through space requires movement through the “p-space” of compact dimensions, the Huaoshy think of themselves as residing in p-space. Primitive creatures like we Earthlings are confined to conventional 3D space. The Huaoshy have been spreading their civilization from galaxy to galaxy for nearly a billion years, and they could be said to lead the “Universal P-space Alien Peoples Association (UPAPA).


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