A Genesaunt visitor to Earth in the novel "Exodemic".

Stories that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe include populations of humans who have lived on worlds other than Earth for thousands of years. The term “Genesaunt” is used to refer to lifeforms that have moved away from their planet of evolutionary origin.

There are three kinds of Genesaunts who occasionally return to Earth. The Huaoshy have long arranged for a population of Observers to reside near Earth and monitor the progress of human civilization on Earth. Most Observers live at Observer Base, a secret underground city hidden under the surface of the Moon.

There are a few Overseers who also live at Observer Base. The Overseers enforce the Rules of Observation. Most importantly, they make sure that Earthlings never become aware that Earth is being observed.

Other Genesaunts want to help the humans of Earth advance their level of technological development. These Genesaunts who try to alter the development of civilization on Earth are known as Interventionists. The Interventionists must try to avoid being detected by the Observers and automated nanite probes that are used by the Overseers on Earth.

Most Genesaunts have little or no interest in Earth and live on worlds in distant star systems of our galaxy. Some of those worlds are the source of Overseers and Interventionists who return to the Solar System.

Note: by convention, the Huaoshy are NOT considered to be Genesaunts.


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