Interventionists are Genesaunts who want to help Earthlings develop a more technologically advanced civilization. Interventionists must try to avoid having their activity on Earth be detected by Observers and Overseers. Overseers enforce the Rules of Observation and try to prevent Interventionists from altering the course of events on Earth.

Interventionists have access to some advanced technologies including nanites, spaceships and robotic assistants. Some interventionists are genetically modified humans who have nanite prosthetic devices. For some stories set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe, unusually advanced Genesaunts from worlds near the center of the galaxy manage to reach Earth.

There are many worlds near the center of the galaxy that have previously had their advanced forms of life destroyed by nearby exploding stars. The Huaoshy transplant many species such as humans to these worlds, providing an opportunity for humans to interact with aliens from other planets in our galaxy. This provides a mechanism for technology transfer from one technologically advanced species to another and can help keep the Interventionists a step ahead of the Overseers, particularly when the Huaoshy are trying to prevent a species such as humans from doing too much damage to their home planet.

2015 update on Interventionists.


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