Diagram from the science fiction novel “VirileMail”.

In the Exodemic Fictional Universe the Huaoshy have had a technologically advanced civilization for nearly a billion years. The Huaoshy have a very sophisticated nanotechnology. Their nanoscopic devices make use of forms of matter that are unknown to our science.

Hierions. The hierions are a family of bosons that normally exist in the compact dimensions rather than the tree familiar extended dimensions of our universe. Some hierions can form molecule-like complexes. A typical bond length in molecules is about 0.15 nanometer, but the distance between adjacent/bound hierions is very much smaller: about 30 zeptometer.

The Huaoshy long ago mastered technological tools for creating artificial lifeforms composed of hierions. The key “trick” required to develop this zeptoscale engineering requires another type of matter: sedrons. They typically package those hierion-based ALFs in nanoscale units called “nanites”.

Sedronic matter. The Huaoshy have a monopoly on sedronic matter. Even though other species (such as humans) can develop nanotechnology, they cannot even detect the zeptoscale components of Huaoshy nanites (called zeptites).

The Huaoshy monopoly on sedronic matter allows them to control faster-than-light space travel and their nanite technology endows them with seemingly god-like powers. For example, while the Huaoshy originally had a biological form similar to humans, they long ago transformed themselves into an artificial lifeform composed of nanites. Their nanoscopic components allow them to exist as shape shifters, able to adopt any convenient physical form. Also, their hierion components allow them to exist as colonial organisms with near-instantaneous communication between their spatially-distributed components.

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