Origin of Species

Adult human skulls are similar to the skulls of juvenile chimps.

And now for something completely different…..

As discussed on this page, the Huaoshy arrived in our galaxy about seven million years ago. Soon after that, their automated probe ship reached Earth and found that it was the planet of the apes. Of all the organisms on Earth, apes were the most similar organisms to the original biological form of the Huaoshy. The automated probe ship carried nanorobotic drones that constructed a base under the surface of the Moon and brought some apes up from Earth, establishing a colony of chimp-like apes on the Moon.

The Huaoshy domesticated those apes and introduced a few genetic modifications. Occasionally, some of the modified apes from the Moon were taken back to Earth. Over millions of years, a large number of proto-human apes left their bones in the fossil record.

Eventually the humans on the Moon were able to start creating a civilization that included a scientific understanding of the universe and their place in it. Unfortunately, the humans who lived on the Moon could not understand how they came to be living on the Moon rather than on Earth.

Some of these humans were spread (by the Huaoshy drones) to other Earth-like planets near the center of the galaxy where they merged into a Genesaunt culture that included other species who had their evolutionary origins on other planets in our galaxy. The humans of the galactic center developed advanced technologies such as a simple nanotechnology that included genetic engineering and medical nanites that could greatly extend the human life span. Some of these humans from the galactic center were brought back to the Moon where they became the first Overseers. Observers were recruited from among the “native” human population at the lunar base.

Shifted gene expression pattern that allows adult humans to retain juvenile ape behaviors.

Eventually the humans on Earth started to develop a technological civilization. Many biologists suspected that there was something unusual about the course of human evolution. Humans have characteristics of other domesticated species. Particularly dramatic is the fact that the adult human pattern of gene expression is more similar to that of juvenile chimps than to the pattern of adult chimps.

Rapid evolution of miRNA in humans.

Regulatory RNA molecules were found to have evolved in humans at a rate about ten-fold faster than in chimps. Although human and chimp genes are nearly identical, the altered pattern of gene expression makes human behavior unique among the apes.

The Huaoshy are thus responsible for the origin of the human species. Similarly, other species on other planets of our galaxy have also been pushed towards a biological form that is similar to the original form of the Huaoshy.


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