Trapdoor Universe

The Exodemic Fictional Universe is a Trapdoor Universe.

Soon after the high-energy/density start of our universe, the physical properties of the universe could no longer be changed by natural means. However, the Huaoshy, a human-like species that evolved in a distant galaxy, became the first lifeform with a long-lasting stable civilization and they developed the technological means needed to alter some of the physical properties of the universe.

In particular, the original dimensional structure of the universe was such that there were three symmetrical “spaces”, each with three spatial dimensions, one time dimension and one additional “linkage dimension”. By means of advanced ultrahigh energy physics experiments, the Huaoshy were able to initiate a change in the dimensional structure of the universe. The main effect of this engineering project, discussed here, was to make possible faster-than-light communications.

The Huaoshy created what they call the “transitional universe”. During the relatively short time of its existence, faster-than light communications were possible, but not faster-than light space travel.

Later, the Huaoshy discovered how to make a second change to the dimensional structure of the universe, allowing them to harness sedronic matter and achieve faster-than-light travel through space. This third dimensional structure of the universe allowed for the creation of a type of “bubble universe” that intersects with our universe. These space-time bubbles allow for time travel and the import of sedronic matter into our familiar 3D extended space.

Finally, a third change to the dimensional structure of the universe was engineered. This fourth and final dimensional structure makes impossible any future changes to the dimensional structure of the universe. This final dimensional structure of the universe prevents any further time travel. Also, new “bubble universes” cannot be created. This gives the Huaoshy a monopoly on the production of sedronic matter. There are two important implications of this monopoly on sedrons. First, since sedrons are needed for faster-than-light travel through space, the Huaoshy have control over which species in the universe can travel at faster-than-light speeds. Second, the Huaoshy have a sophisticated technology by which they make advanced nanites with sedronic components. The Huaoshy long ago transformed themselves into artificial lifeforms that are composed of these “sedronic nanites”. These nanite structural subunits allow the Huaoshy to be both shape-shifters and to exist as spatially-distributed colonial organisms with multiple bodies that can remain in contact by faster-than-light communications. The Huaoshy also use their advanced nanite technology to control the behavior of of other lifeforms.

The Huaoshy achieved their monopoly on sedronic matter nearly 1,000,000,000 years ago. Since that time, they have been spreading from their home galaxy to other galaxies. They reached our galaxy about 7,000,000 years ago.


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