Fan Fiction

I have a bad habit. If I enjoy a science fiction story then I might read it several times. I’ve lived long enough that “several times” has gradually morphed into 17 times for some stories, or 23 times…..but who is counting?

Why is that bad? The problem is, even if I enjoy a story enough to read it again and again and again and again and again there are always some nagging issues associated with any story, issues that get magnified upon re-reading. In simple cases, the main “issue” can be a desire to know what a favorite character might do next, after the end of the published story.

Example:  what happens to Jantiff and Glisten after the end of Jack Vance’s novel Wyst? Jantiff saves Glisten from the witch hunters (image to the right on this page). Glisten and the Connatic save Jantiff from the murderous Eubanq, then Jantiff prevents the Connatic from becoming part of the atmospheric dust. It is very difficult to avoid the temptation to imagine future adventures for Jantiff and Glisten (after they tire of long languid days on Jantiff’s house boat and sparkling sunsets over the Shard Sea).

Even worse are issues arising from an early death. Two examples being:

1) Asimov died before finding a way to continue his Foundation series beyond Foundation and Earth.

2) Carl Sagan died before there was a chance to make a sequel to Contact.

Such outrages have a solution: we can do the work that needs to be done and create fan fiction stories that gracefully complete these unfinished tasks (see The Start of Eternity and the Contact television series).

The Exodemic Twist. This is the very dark aspect of my bad habit. I’ve reached the point where I imagine that all such “issues” can be resolved by fitting the unfinished work of other authors into the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Asimov could not bring himself to write aliens into the Foundation series? All we need to do is make a fan fiction sequel and call in the Huaoshy!

Noÿs Lambent is obviously something more than your ordinary woman. In one chapter of The Start of Eternity I imagine that she has been successful in providing knowledge of nuclear physics to the primitive Earthlings, but there needs to be much more “sharing” of advanced technology in order to push humanity to the future depicted by Asimov in his robot/Foundation stories.

Sagan’s plot line dealing with a search for evidence that the universe was created got left out of the Contact movie? We can repair that omission by making a fan fiction sequel, even a Contact television series in which “first contact” happened millions of years ago, and the aliens created us.

If you want to collaborate on a science fiction story, let me know!

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Cover art from “The Start of Eternity”.

Fan Fiction Disclaimer
Some of the fiction discussed here in this blog is Fan Fiction where the story and characters are probably claimed as the intellectual property of a published author (such as Jack Vance) or the estate of an author (such as Isaac Asimov or Carl Sagan) or a for-profit corporation. Such characters and story ideas are borrowed for use here in the spirit of Fan Fiction, for the enjoyment of science fiction fans and with no intention for profit. If my use of these characters or story ideas offends the owner, just let me know….I’ll quickly remove my derivative stories from the internet.


5 thoughts on “Fan Fiction

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  2. I find the novel Wyst quite moving! It’s not even one of Vance’s best, but the fate of Jantiff and Glisten is very effective. Would be fun to read some fan fiction of the pair of them getting caught up in some Cadwal-like intrigue on Zeck.

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