Star Trek

Gary Seven alters the course of human history while Kirk, Spock and Roberta watch. Inset: Gary's morphing assistant, Isis.

The Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth” introduced the characters “Gary Seven” and “Isis”, who were a perfect match for the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Gary and Isis are Interventionists who use advanced technology to alter the development of human civilization on Earth.

After I wrote Fly Paper, I needed to continue the story of Scully’s adventure on the Moon. I wrote X-Seven, crossover fan fiction story that combines characters from The X-Files and Star Trek.

I remember reading a collection of short stories for which Isaac Asimov had written a short introduction to each story. In one story there was a character who was a “hunk”, a guy with muscles but who was not very intelligent. In the introduction, Asimov explained his deep dislike for stories that include a “hunk” and his astonishment that he actually wrote a story that included a “hunk”.

Similarly, I like to write stories about intelligent characters. I’m not sure what the female equivalent of a “hunk” is. I guess the modern equivalents are beefcake and cheesecake. I’d describe the “Roberta” character in Assignment: Earth as a ditz. In most stories,  I would not include a ditzy character, but I had fun with the scene where Roberta meets Scully on the Moon.

Of course, Roberta is 37 years older in X-Seven than she was in Assignment: Earth. Also, I imagine that her brain is infected by Interventionist nanites. She is no longer a ditz (particularly when the nanites are guiding her behavior), but she can still act like one when it is useful to do so (when trying to trick the Overseers).

Roberta and Scully go back to Earth and create a solution to the Global Warming problem. Eventually Mulder finds Scully and prevents her from being taken back to the Moon. Of course, there is an excuse for another episode, the third episode of the “Fly Paper” set of three X-file episodes.


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