The X-Files

The first fan fiction story I wrote is called “Fly Paper“. It was very easy for me to fit The X-Files into the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Easy, as long as I left out all of the alien invasion stuff. The aliens in The X-Files won an Emmy Award for the most incompetent alien invasion.

In Fly Paper, Scully is abducted and taken to the Moon! Mulder used Scully as “fly paper” to force the aliens to make a move. Mulder invited Scully to give a public talk about “The Alien Genome Project”. There was some truth to the idea of an “Alien Genome Project” since Scully was trying to study some alien DNA that she had discovered.

An FBI investigation is launched and in short order everyone who looks into Scully’s work on DNA and her abduction also ends up on the Moon. Everyone except Scully has their memories altered and they are sent back to Earth. Scully stays on the Moon and her story continues in the next episode, which is called “X-Seven“. X-Seven is crossover fan fiction with characters that originated in both The X-Files and Star Trek. In X-Seven, Scully is sent back to Earth on a secret mission.


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