Original writing projects

The Exodemic blog explores the Exodemic Fictional Universe and science fiction stories in which space aliens first reached Earth millions of years ago.

Some original story writing projects that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe are described on pages that can be found in the “Original writing projects” menu of this blog, as shown in the image to the right.

Most of the stories can be read at another website, so you will often find links such as this: Cellular Civilization, that take readers to the stories. Most of the stories discussed in this blog exist in wiki format, so collaborating authors can make changes to the stories and improve them.

Some of the stories are short (such as Manmahtiti Bebobinmahtiti), some are medium size (such as Moon Hammer) and others are long (novels such as The Search for Kalid). In all cases, I think of the stories as “drafts”….I’m always looking for new collaborators who will improve or complete the existing versions of the stories.

If you are looking for a collaborator for you own science fiction writing project, let me know!

(Note: sometimes it is fun to have “virtual collaborations” that involve the creation of fan fiction stories, stories that re-use characters and settings that were created by famous authors. Some fan fiction story writing projects that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe can be accessed through the “Fan fiction” menu of this blog.)

Where do new story ideas come from?

Isaac Asimov suggested that it might be possible to trace all of his stories back to ideas that came to him in the form of stories that he read when he was young. I jokingly suggest another possible source of his stories in The Start of Eternity, but we know that human brains take in the elements of  culture that an individual is exposed to and then find a way to pass those memes on to others. We are meme processing machines.

Before scripts were developed for keeping written records, humans had oral traditions and handed myths down from generation to generation. The human brain has a built-in system that allows us to interpret the behavior of other people in terms of our own thoughts. This aspect of human brain function is so successful that we apply it to everything. When we look at the natural world around us we are tempted to create stories in which human-like entities animate the sun, storms, trees, mountains and bodies of water. As discussed in this NOVA video, when human cultures interact there is exchange of memes.

What we think of as “new ideas” are always built upon old ideas and our past experiences. One of the sources of new story ideas in science fiction is that we can take an old and dependable story idea to a new place or time.

I recently asked, “What if a few ideas were given to Einstein without him even knowing the source of those ideas?” What if the ideas made their way to Einstein indirectly, through a person that he knew?

This image (to the left) shows Elsa Einstein in the year 1910. At this time, Albert Einstein is trying to imagine a way to demonstrate experimentally that there are physical interactions between gravity and electromagnetic waves. Elsa has not thought about Albert for years, but suddenly she feels a strange sensation…a fully-formed belief pops into her head: Albert needs help!

Where did this unusual idea come from? For a moment she has a memory of a flash of light and being surrounded by rainbow snow flakes. That fleeting image slips from her thoughts and she places pen, ink and paper on the desk….

If you would like to collaborate on this new story, let me know!


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