Cellular Civilization

A spaceship that can morph into the form of a conventional vehicle on Earth.

Cellular Civilization explores this question: Where do new ideas and new technologies come from?

Stefiz al-Arabid, a computer science student, receives a strange phone call from a cyber-stalker. Stefiz tells him to leave her alone, but two days later he finds her on campus and invites her to join a secret technology development project, turning her life upside-down. Within days her year-long romantic relationship with Charlie Parker is on the rocks and then Charlie dies in a horrible car crash. Or is he dead? Can Stefi be sure of anything or is she just a pawn, helplessly playing a role in an alien invasion of Earth?

A “first draft” of this story exists, but the sequel (or Part II), from the point when Charlie is taken off of Earth needs to be completed. Collaborating authors are welcome!


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