Kach is a major character in Exode.

Exode is a science fiction story set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe. The story is under construction at its own website. Two main characters of the story Are Parthney and Kach, two humans of the Buld Clan who are born on the distant planet Hemmal.

Handy Exode glossary.

Exode more carefully explores the origin of Interventionists than any previous story set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Soon after Parthney and Kach meet, Parthney is sent off to Earth where he serves as an interventionist agent for 13 years. Just when Earth is facing the arrival of a Buld spaceship, Parthney is captured by Overseers. After a “small” detour to the Andromeda galaxy, Kach also ends up going to Earth with her grandson where they attempt to engineer a way to ensure the survival of Humanity after the end Overseer operations on the Moon. For more information about the backstory of Exode see these blog posts:

Kach and Parthney at Demon Lodge

Why Hana‘s husband became a redshirt.

Are the people of Hemmal slaves?

Just how “alien” are the people of Hemmal?

Similarities between Hemmal and Sarpeidon.

The aliens of Exode: Fru’Wu and Nereids.

The pek of Pelis Kel.

How Kach and Parthney meet on the planet Hemmal.

If the Huaoshy are god-like then does it make sense to think of Interventionists as being angels?

Why I had to write myself into Exode.

Using the confusion of dream visions to trick Parthney and readers of Exode.

Why the people of Hemmal speak English.

The role of religion in Exode.



Are Genesaunts immortal?

The horror theme in Exode.

Is Yandrey a zombie?

Fleshing out some physiological details for the Buld Clan.

New twists on Interventionists.

Kach as a secret agent.

m7Cover art for Exode. Back cover.

The planet Oib and its Interventionists.

The Pla and their unhappy fate.

The revolutionaries of Oib.

Exode is finally placed into context within the history of Earth.

Introducing Gwyned Iwedon and her role in the Mission to Andromeda.

Adventures in the life of Gwyned: The Robots of Lendhalen.

Overseer: Belinda Tement.

Co-directors of Lendhalen: Pla’mak and Pla’kau.

The Klyz Teleportation Hub.vlc

Leymaygn and Vozgrow.

Exode teleportation.

Gwyned’s Parents.

Nanites from Noÿs.

Conspirators or collaborators at Lendhalen?

Robin the robot.

Robin the robot.

Could Gwyned return to Earth?

Robin the robot becomes an oracle.

An end to Interventionism?

Pla’kao the counter revolutionary.

Pla’mak’s Bimanoid theory.

Flood myths in Exode.

Creating the Buld Reality.


Exode is under construction at this website. Collaborating authors are welcome.


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