The first story set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe was, of course, called Exodemic. A virus moves from an Observer who is working on Earth into the body of an Earth woman, altering the course of events on Earth.

Only years after this event do the Overseers become aware of what happened and determine the cause of the viral transfer. Normally the viruses that are used to protect Observers working on Earth cannot infect Earthlings. However, Interventionists had secretly altered the genome of an Earthling, making some humans on Earth able to be infected by the Observer virus.

The Overseers  remove from Earth anyone who carries genes that were introduced to the human population of Earth by Interventionists. According to the Rules of Intervention, Genesaunts are not supposed to interfere in the course of events on planets like Earth.

The second part of Exodemic follows the adventures of Franny after she is taken off of Earth. She has the chance to explore and learn about the vast Genesaunt civilization that exists on worlds scattered around the galaxy.

Franny even meets the Interventionists who are ultimately responsible for the events that led to Franny being removed from Earth. Franny is surprised to learn that none of the Genesaunts who she meets have ever met a Huaoshy, the aliens who have been watching Earth for millions of years. Even worse, nobody knows the motivations of the Huaoshy. Franny tries to find a way by which she can contact the Huaoshy. She follows rumors of aliens, but only manages to meet another species that, like humans, owes its existence to the Huaoshy.

Exodemic is still a work in progress, so I don’t know if Franny actually achieves her goal of meeting the Huaoshy. If you want to help collaboratively write and finish Exodemic, let me know!


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