The Saga of Uvadekoto

The Saga of Uvadekoto is a “story within a story”, written as part of The Start of Eternity (Chapter 10 – Chapter 13). The Saga of Uvadekoto tells the story of how the Huaoshy first established contact with another technologically advanced species during the time before the Rules of Intervention were followed.

Uvadekoto is a self-contained community on a planet where the environment was severely damaged by technological excesses such as burning fossil fuels. The residents of Uvadekoto have been secretly decoding a message from the Huaoshy. Uvadekoto is actually a space craft built with alien technology.

  • Nora Winsou – a resident of Uvadekoto and the first person to take seriously the task of producing sedrons.
  • Stan – the first person in Uvadekoto to conceive a theory of sedronic physics, making it possible to easily produce sedrons.
  • Tilly Winsou- mother of Nora
  • Jillia Winsou – sister of Nora
  • Metslen Winsou – brother of Nora
  • Karsa Winsou – cousin of Nora
  • Prinstir – Nora’s personal robot
  • Dinster (“Diny”), Bernard (“Berny”) and Riley (“Ril”) – Nora’s sons
  • Alastur – distant cousin of Nora
  • Ormy Degsles – Chair of the Uvadekoto History Unit
  • Tinsifur – robotic bar tender
  • Zanset – robot who sells flowers to Stan
  • Ambassador Dodd – representative of the World Government
  • Skingk – Huaoshy robot

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