VirileMail is the story of Joe Daonet, his co-workers and how they make Contact with the first artificial intelligence to arise on Earth. Is this machine intelligence the work of computer software design genius Dr. Daniela Gajduskova in the Czech Republic, a randomly assembled collection of software code on the internet, or the first sign of an alien invasion of Earth?


You’ve got nanobots!

Joe Daonet is a computer network administrator. That means he spends many hours playing computer games and waiting for a glitch in the net. He has been out of college just long enough to realize that he has found what might be the most boring job in the world.

In his book, Darwin Among the Machines, George Dyson explored the idea that machine intelligence might arise spontaneously inside the internet. Dyson’s idea about the possible origin of machine intelligence is similar to current thinking about the origin of life from some spontaneously assembled collection of molecules.

Francis Crick speculated that life on Earth might have been planted here by an extraterrestrial civilization (“Directed panspermia” by F.H.C. Crick and L.E. Orgel 1973 Icarus volume 19, page 341. Also, Crick’s book Life Itself).

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