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The Exodemic Fictional Universe menu provides key information about the type of science fiction story that discussed here at the Exodemic blog.

A central issue is the Fermi Paradox: why don’t we have evidence for the existence of lifeforms that evolved on other worlds? Why are we still waiting for “first contact“, our first interaction with another technological civilization from “out there” among the stars?

A boring solution to the Fermi Paradox would be: there are no other civilizations “out there” for us to contact. Stories set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe assume that during the early history of the universe, there was one human-like technology-using species that evolved on a planet in a distant galaxy: the Huaoshy. About a billion years ago the Huaoshy started spreading through space. By the time they reached Earth they had god-like powers conferred by their advanced technology.

A typical story that is set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe assumes that the Huaoshy reached Earth many millions of years ago. If so, then why do we have no evidence of contact with the Huaoshy?

The main answer is that the Huaoshy long ago learned that it is best if they follow Rules of Intervention.


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